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Mashed Life Technology was acquired by Computer Associates
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Single Sign-On To The Entire Web In The Web Way

  • Works on any computer & most smart phones
  • No software installation is required
  • Log in to any web site from popular browsers
  • All data is strongly encrypted, privacy protected
  • Stop using Browser's password manager! Why?
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Manage your massive online accounts from one secure place. Log in to Facebook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and any forum, travel reservation, frequent flier, job or healthcare site from any computer and smart phone, without typing username & password any more. It's portable on any computer, easy and hassle-free. » See comments by industry experts and users:

4 thumbs up! That includes my toes ;D

Do you like to grant access of your UPS or group accounts to co-workers without telling them any passwords? When you change a contractor, no need to change passwords of all those sites.

With family members, you can share Netflix, AT&T, Comcast accounts without telling any passwords.

For senior & younger family members who can't keep track of their online accounts, set up Mashed Life accounts for them. They will thank you for that. And you are saved from password recovery calls from them.

Stay productive and safe. Enjoy the web more.

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